Privacy Statement logs page requests with their parameters (except email addresses), timestamps, IPs, errors et. al. for testing, anonymous playback, trend analysis, bug fixing, feature priorization and performance tuning. stores hashed email addresses for the purposes of banning and/or throttling users who abuse the service. We use your email address to send scan results and then delete it. does not have your Google password so we can never store it nor lose it to some other party. does not sell, rent, lease, or give any personal information to any third parties unless required by law. may change this statement at any time but intends to do so as little as possible. If we do change our Privacy Statement, we will update this page promptly.

Deletion Policy

Logs of individual scans and automated emails are removed within 31 days.

We keep payment, licensing, correspondence and error logs for long periods of time, either directly or indirectly via our payment and email providers.