Help Us Test FindBigMail Version 2

Help Us Test FindBigMail Version 2

The FindBigMail team has been busy building a new faster, streamlined, even more secure version that uses Google's latest behind-the-scenes updates for Gmail. Please give it a try here:


The usual beta software caveats apply. We might pause operation occaisionally to tweak things. We have, of course, done a careful security pass as security is always our highest priority. Let us know at feedback@findbigmail.com if you have any comments.

Geek talk: This version uses new Google email APIs that don't use IMAP and it is updated to use OAuth2. We're also moving to a more scalable hosting platform, and have moved away from PHP. The test site isn't https, but the final version will be (no personal information is transmitted to/from the site anyway, but we like SSL everywhere "just because"). Domain-wide access via Google Apps Marketplace is coming soon.