Search Page Makes Searching Gmail Easy

advanced search for gmail

We've just added Advanced Search for Gmail to help you search your Gmail. Many people have told us they found the Gmail search syntax confusing and needed a simpler way to sort through their emails. Our stats back this up. We see there are many more large emails, and labeling by size and getting a top 20 list isn't always enough. Gmail has many great search features, and you can use this form to get to all of them!

Form Based Search

The new feature is a simple form based search. You can specify whether you want to search for read or unread mail, for mail with any or a particular star or mark, for email sent from a certain person, for one or more words that must be in the email, for emails sent during a certain period, whether it has attachments and other criteria. After choosing a few options and filling in a box or two, you can click the 'Search Now' button and a Gmail window will open with the results of the search you've built.

Search by Size

The search page also has a drop down list for email size. If you've run FindBigMail, you can use the choices in the list to add the appropriate label to your search criteria to search emails by size. Combined with your other search criteria, this makes it easier to refine your searches even further.

Use the new search page for any everyday search or for when you’re cleaning out those big emails. Let us know what you think.