Managing Full Gmail in Google Apps

According to Google, over 4 million businesses and 40 million users are using Google Apps. That is a lot of Gmail boxes that will be overflowing! Here at FindBigMail, we've been looking hard at how to help.

IT managers for Google Apps traditionally do one of the following things to handle a full Gmail inbox:

create a 2nd Gmail account and forward all users emails to the new account, or
use Postini, also known as Google Message Discovery (GMD), to archive some of the users emails so they have more space

As a growing number are becoming aware of FindBigMail, they're adding a third solution:

add FindBigMail to their domain so that users can clean out their own accounts

Our scan logs show that people easily clear out 20-40% of their storage in less than 1/2 hour.

Here are some some pros and cons for each approach: FindBigMail - helps users find their large emails to delete:

works with all versions of Google Apps (no $50/user Enterprise upgrade required)
user is responsible for cleaning up their emails. No admin help needed.
no extra space available - user must delete
cost: from $19.99 - $99.99/year for the whole domain, depending on #/users (or $4.95 for 1 user for 1 month)

Using Postini services (aka Google Message Discovery)

frees up Gmail space by moving Gmail messages to separate archive 
allows up to 10 years of archives
$33/yr per user
not available for all Google Apps versions (education, small business [non-profit?])
old messages are searched for via Postini's interface, not Gmail

Creating a 2nd Gmail account and either moving the user or moving their email

$50/yr or free, depending on your account
familiar interface / strong search capabilities for the user
user needs to switch between accounts for searching older emails