Finished Testing for Google Apps!

FindBigMail for Google Apps is now officially launched! Ten weeks after our first launch of Find Big Mail for Google Apps, we've helped hundreds of domain admins fix out of space problems with their user's email accounts. With no problems encountered and several rave reviews, we've decided that the beta is over and it's "officially" launched.

You can still try out Find Big Mail for Google Apps with a free one week / 5 scan trial for any domain and we encourage everyone to give us a try before purchasing.

We've introduced three price points for a bulk purchase of scans that are good for an entire year:

$19.99 - 10 scans
$39.99 - 25 scans
$99.99 - 100 scans

We think these provide a good mix of convenience and value for domains of all sizes. If you have other needs, be sure to contact us and we'll work something out.