Faster website + faster scans = quicker Gmail space cleanups

There's never been a better time to find large attachments in Gmail. The FindBigMail website is now running at least twice as fast and scan speeds are faster too! We're on a new server with roughly ten times the capacity of the old one and far better network connectivity. So, don't be shy! Remember - FindBigMail works on your Google Apps email too.

We had a busy week here at FindBigMail. We started the week with the server move. Between preparations before, and fine tuning after, that took most of the week. And then we got really inspired, although our families might call it obsessed. We spent the next few days (yes, it was a long week!) tuning and tweaking the website content itself. From the outside you won't (shouldn't!) notice any visual differences, but pages load faster, navigation between pages is faster, and overall our website is an even more pleasant place to be.

A lot of this effort was motivated by the many people in 180 countries around the world who use us. As we combed through our web server logs and did the analysis, we realized that every 1/2 second we saved for USA customers could save twice as much time in Asia and parts of Europe. So we optimized our images, added sprites, minified some errant javascript, and tuned for popular browsers. We also polished the urls, gzipped our server settings and un-expired our cache.

We hope you enjoy the results of our early spring cleaning. Have a great week!