Undelivered Mail - One Reason To Be Proactive

Sometimes people notice their Gmail account is nearing its storage limit and start looking for solutions. Other times they wait. Waiting can turn into a surprise problem.

If you're almost out of space, receiving one big email with attachments can quickly push your account over its storage limit. Even if you’re going to pay money and purchase extra storage from Google, you probably don’t want to wait to address this.

Once your Gmail account is over the storage limit, email starts to be backed up and not delivered immediately to you. If you rely on your email for timely communication, this may be an issue.

People sending you emails see a response something like the following example.

mail not delivered

Once too much mail is backed up (we haven’t tested to find out how much is too much), Gmail then starts rejecting email sent your account. People sending you emails see a response email that is something like this:

mail not delivered

So don’t wait until you’re losing email before figuring out what you’re going to do when your mail account runs out storage look at your options beforehand.