How to find FindBigMail if you're almost out of Gmail space?

By all accounts we have a service that people love. If you get this message You are almost out of space for your Gmail account, we're the solution Tweets rave about us. Reviews are glowing.

Yet "I wish I'd found you sooner!" is a common refrain.

Our conclusion is that we're hard to find. But how can we improve this? How did you find Find Big Mail? Here's what we've done so far:

  • different customer quotes on our home page to see if that changes search results (a slow process)
  • re-established this blog which disappeared temporarily after the site redesign
  • keeping on top of twitter by responding individually to tweets about space problems (labor intensive)
  • added a Reviews page with some links to the many reviews of our site
  • added a Tweet box to the results page to prompt people to tweet about us
  • built a Facebook page (also receives these blog posts)

We'd love to hear your ideas and comments on what you think might work!