Bigger labels, fresh new look!

We're proud to announce that today we released the most asked for feature of Find Big Mail:

Larger Label Sizes

Example of pie chart and sizings

And, while we were at it, we did a major redesign of the site to make it look better and load much faster (kudos to Chris York for the design).

All the runs from this point forward will be labelled as follows:

> 10MB - for those really really big emails!
> 5MB - still pretty chunk
> 1MB - every thousand of these is another gigabyte gone

Find Big Mail has been humming along helping thousands (and thousands) of people every month with their Gmail out of space problems. To be honest, its been so smooth that we've mostly left it alone, just answering the occasional email. However we're going to invest some serious resources into the site over the next couple of months, so follow us here, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to hear about the changes as they happen.