Upgraded to https throughout the site

We're always looking for ways to make the experience of finding your large emails and freeing up your space more secure and trustworthy.

Today we completed a switch to make the entire site use https.

We're also working through the process of getting an Extended Validation Certificate so you can be more comfortable that we're a real business (located near Seattle WA USA) providing a secure service. It turns out to be quite expensive to do this -- not because of the ceriticate cost, but rather the cost of preparing the appropriate documents.

A side effect of this change are new charts on the status page. These are a little more dynamic and provide more information if you hover over them. (For the geeks, this was because the Google charts API doesn't support https access and we didn't want to proxy, so we switched to Javascript based charts). More news soon as we complete the work to become part of Google Apps Marketplace.