Recent praise for our email size searching and labeling

Its been a busy few days here at findbigmail.com! Our first product review appeared FindBigMail Finds Big Size Mails In Your Gmail, Helps You Clean Up Your Email Account at http://maketecheasier.com - many thanks! We want to help everyone manage their free space in Gmail and spreading the word helps everyone. And we're getting more fan mail:

Like many people, I have been looking for some way to sort messages/attachments on GMail by size for a long time. The thought of doing it via an imap client is just taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I was most impressed with solution, even more impressed with its speed and wonderfully impressed at the use of GMails own labels for big, mega etc.

That really made everyone's day around here! Many thanks to those who've donated already, and to those who will be getting around to it really soon!