Added translation option for international visitors

We recently added the Google translate link to our site to make things a little simpler for all of our international visitors. Gmail is an international phenomena - and so is running out of space in your Gmail account! After all, no matter how much email space you have, it can always be filled up with videos, music, backups, photos and other digital errata. We've had many great reviews recently. Many thanks to those of you taking the time to spread the word about our project. Portugal users busily visited our site recently via this review. And we've had similar traffic from Brazil and Russia. And there's a nice writeup on this german website. Last but not least, we're starting to get enquiries about licensing our technology for use in small businesses that have adopted Gmail. We understand that businesses have specific requirements and we'd love to work with you to stay on top of your Gmail space. Please send us an email and we'll get back to you. Thanks!