The marketing of price

Karl Sakas has some interesting comments about where pricing and marketing intersect at http://karlsakas.com/prices-that-make-no-sense/. As he says, "Upgrading to 50 GB [at dropbox.com] costs $100/year. Yet for that same $100/year, Gmail will let me upgrade my Google Account storage from 7GB to 400GB." However, as we noted in a comment, it gets even stranger when you consider Google's pricing for email when they host your domain. After you get the dreaded "You have run out of space for your Gmail account." or the almost as bad "You are almost out of space for your Gmail account" message, you can either

  • reduce the space - but without any ability to sort by size, or
  • spend $50 for every email account in your domain per year to bring you up to 20GB per user

This is exactly the scenario that led to the creation of this service! Don't get us wrong, the Google domain hosting for up to 50 accounts (used to be 100) is a great deal! We use it for this website, and the ability to use Google docs and the ease of config and overall reliability of everything, including the Gmail interface, is great. But if you just have one user constantly running out of space, its a bit pricey, especially if you have a lot of users. If you find this useful, and especially if we just saved you $50+/year.