About Us

This website is brought to you by three veteran software engineers who saw a problem and wanted to solve it. We found that you could in fact run out of email space with Gmail (or Google apps) and then what could you do? How can you fix things when you get "You have run out of space for your Gmail account"!

In January 2015, John took ownership and future development of the site (including upgrades for Google's higher level OAuth2 security). Mike will continue to help out for the foreseeable future. Matt and Mike were the original authors. They worked together at Microsoft building database products, starting with Microsoft Access and including work on SQL Server. This built a strong foundation and knowledge about enterprise customers, security and stability that can be found throughout FindBigMail.

John Mee
John Mee completed a Computing Degree back in 1991 and Masters in IT in 2004. He's made a career of selling his web programming and database talents to the highest bidders from both big and small ends of Sydney Australia. FindBigMail is an opportunity to contribute something of his own to the world wide web. John still lives in Sydney Australia and hits the surf whenever he can.
Mike Mee
Former owner and current advisor Mike Mee (John's brother) came from Australia with a software startup and has been in the software industry in the US ever since, apart from a few detours in Japan, UK and Sydney. He worked at Microsoft as technical Program Manager FindBigMail was his second startup with Matt and his sixth startup overall. He's passionate about the user experience and building quality software. He holds multiple degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics and Space Studies. Mike currently lives in the San Francisco area.
Matt Senft
Former owner Matt Senft has been building software solutions to problems since high school. He worked at Microsoft as a Software Developer, Lead, and Manager for multiple products and disciplines. Besides coding the internals of database query engines and other roles at Microsoft, he's worked for various private companies and government agencies. He enjoys helping smart people work together using technology to solve problems simply and creatively. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University. Matt currently lives east of Seattle, Washington.

Security and privacy are very important to us. We've built the FindBigMail site so that we never see your password or even your email messages. Nobody at FindBigMail.com will ever ask for your password. The service looks only at an email's message identifier and its size and labels each email accordingly.

We hope you enjoy it. Please send us an email if you have any comments or questions.


  —John, Mike & Matt

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