Gmail full?  Is your gmail inbox almost out of space?  Do an inbox cleanout and get your gmail storage space back using FindBigMail's ability to find large attachments.

Gmail full? Find big emails to get your space back!

FindBigMail, as you have known it, is down and will remain so for a while—Google have declined to 'revalidate' our application in the form that it has run safely and without a single security instance since 2010.


The size:30MB search will return all emails larger than 30 Megabytes. You can change the "30" to a higher, or lower, number to increase or decrease the number of results. You can change the size to KB if required. eg: 'size:20KB'

Unfortunately you cannot sort by size, so if you want to know which emails are the biggest, you need to do some trial and error with that number to narrow down the search results to a number of emails you can handle—like a single page—which is exactly what findbigmail was doing for you behind the scenes; working out the size which returns your biggest 20 emails.

Of course Google could trivially implement a sort-by-size, but that would contradict a financial interest; demonstrating exactly why findbigmail had such an enduring appeal!

larger:2MB smaller:10MB

You can also use the 'larger:' and 'smaller:' commands to find emails between those sizes. Vary the numbers to suit you.


Searching for emails 'older:' than a specific date might also be useful for finding all the emails the email you may no longer care about, so that you can delete them by bulk. You can combine this with the 'size:' keyword.

Will we be back?

It has been a fun ride for the ten years since we launched in 2010. Since then Google, Gmail, and the Internet have changed enormously. We may return as a browser extension, dedicated to saving you time and money by managing the cumulative size of your email. Perhaps even with some freshly useful new features. Please check back occasionally.

Feel free to contact us at as we love having contact with our users.

lifehacker wrote a great review of FindBigMail

If you're running out of space in your Gmail or Google Apps inbox, the quickest fix is nixing the largest attachments you've got stashed. You can't do that from Gmail's web interface - unless you've enlisted Find Big Mail's help.

TheNextWeb hated nothing about FindBigMail

Loved: Find Big Mail provides all the information above after only 3 easy steps, and places a tremendous amount of focus on privacy lest that concern you.
Hated: Absolutely nothing.

downloadsquad loved FindBigMail

Once it completed scanning my account, I simply clicked the label that said FindBigMail > 2mb, selected all messages, and clicked Delete. I then went to the trash folder and emptied that. Voilà - I dropped from 64 percent occupied space to 36 percent. How awesome is that?

Digital Inspiration review of FindBigMail

If you however find the above workarounds a little complicated, there’s an even simpler method now that won’t even require you download or install anything - it’s called

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